Winter Paradise!

It is easy to forget the winter weather of snow, ice, and bitter cold around the rest of the US. During the winter months in Southwest Florida, it is simply paradise. Wear athletic shorts, cargo shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, athletic shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or beach water shoes.

I rarely concern myself with the weather, only checking my area of Fort Myers, FL, to determine the temperatures for my morning walk, which can fluctuate between 60-70 degrees with an occasional layer of light fog in the morning.

I discovered the entire east coast is experiencing significant ice and snow, with some areas receiving 8-10 inches of snow and 2-4 inches of ice. I remember when such a forecast caused twenty-four hours of inconvenience as people scurried around, believing they would be unable to move about or starve for food.

A quick look at the future forecast beyond the storm reveals that all areas affected will see temperatures the following day will be well above the freezing mark. In some places, within 2-3 days, this will be a memory, and the snow will have melted, and life will return to normal.

So people just calm down or move to a warmer climate, but just beware that within six months, it is July, and the heat will fight for supremacy with humidity for several weeks, and this storm will be a loving wish!

As I write this blog sitting on the lanai bathing in the warm weather with clear skies, thanking my lucky stars, I chose to retire to the southwest coast of FL! 


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