Retirement what to do?

I have encountered lots of retirees, and I recognized many people cannot decide what to do in their retirement lifestyle.

Most people fall into two categories, some with lots of ideas and not enough time to complete their dreams and desires, and others who don’t know at all. I believe the last group is overwhelmed with the enormous possibilities of what to do.

Retirement is an incredible milestone in the life of a lot of people, similar to Highschool and college graduations, marriage, the birth of a child and the death of a loved one, while this time for most is a horribly fearful time in their life.

Many people rush to complete work projects around their home, hurriedly travel to locations they have dreamed of seeing, while some gain weight is simply sitting back to watch all of the television and movies they can and finally the group who become depressed without deciding on what to do.

The world is filled with many fantastic opportunities to fulfill the dreams of a lifetime however lots of these opportunities go unused.

If you reflect upon your life and the milestones of your past, with a little imagination deciding what to do in retirement should be an easy decision.

Over the years family and friends have asked me how I like retirement, I state it is similar to recess in elementary school. When the bell is rung for the students/retirees to go outside to play the only difference is no one rings the bell for you to come back to class.

Discovering something to occupy your time in retirement will and can be a tremendous transitions process for many people and in life, some are unsuccessful while others thrive. We must always remember that it is the journey coupled with perseverance that builds life long enjoyable memories.


2 responses to “Retirement what to do?”

  1. I think perhaps I’ve been lucky. I’ve been writing on and off for years but never had the nerve to do anything with my work. It took my retirement three years ago to push me into submitting my work to try and get it published. My third book came out last month:) And I’m still writing…


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