Retirement and my big brother

I was recently talking with family members who gathered for a family reunion, and I recognized that I and a female cousin are the only immediate family members of our generation who have retired to enjoy hobbies and activities at our leisure.

I thought of my now deceased parents who retired but never took advantage to live out their dreams and desires. When my mother retired, she traveled around the US but was content with being close to her grand-children and traveling to local casinos.

My father retired but kept his daily schedule by stopping by his business and hanging around with others from his shop.

I have an older brother who is approaching his 70th birthday and retired from the navy over twenty years ago and is still working for the same company since his Naval retirement. He is planning to retire later this year, but I suspect he is being forced to retire at age 70.

My concern is what will he do? He is married and has two grand children nearby. He is planning to travel with my sister-In-law but, I believe his adjustments to a life of retirement may cause some form of depression.

I have sacrificed in the past to reach this new chapter of my life to enjoy the activities I enjoy the most.

I will take it as my duty to prepare my big brother for the next chapter in his life and together we will make our parents proud!


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