Advantage of Foresight

Advantage of Foresight (Daily prompt)

You’ve been granted the power to predict the future!

The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, if at all?

I would only use the power only three times, once to learn my date of death, giving me a perspective on how long I have to live and the second to decide the outcome of a sporting event to wager monies to take advantage of the betting.

I would reserve my third for my love, giving her an opportunity to take advantage of foresight.

I would choreograph my time with traveling the world photographing and writing about the adventure until my date of death.

The only problem with this advantage of foresight is discovering your date of death is closer than you would have imagined.

If you lose a day of life when using this power, only to discover your date of death is within the week, then you are either reconciling with family, and friends or you are going on a debauchery soak tirade!

Either way, knowing a certain part of your future takes the surprising excitement out of life.


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