Locked and sealed?


Can you keep a secret?

Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

Well of course I have, I did it a lot as a child when my sisters trusted me with some juicy bit of news that as they swore me to secrecy, I was quickly imagining who to tell.

As I continued through life as a teenager and young adult, I would often wonder who and why would someone with a secret would want to tell another and risk letting the world know.

It was only during my college years, I learned that within every human is the compelling desire to tell what they know especially if knowledge was told in confidence. To clear their conscience and relieve themselves of the burden to conceal knowledge from another is in most instances, an almost impossible task for some not to tell another.

I believe it takes many years of emotional training to learn to conceal information and to prevent the envious devil called a conscience within ourselves to seek revenge by spilling the beans or to get back at our enemies.

All in all, I like many others have revealed secrets and no matter how hard we try to conceal information eventually whatever is said in confidence or secret, the information may some day come to light.


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