Handle with care?

How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?

Nessa Grace~Change Your Focus (2)

Criticism both positive and negative, is what we all need to measure ourselves, however most people cannot accept negative criticism as it hurts their feeling and destroys their belief within themselves. I accepted criticism positive and negative as a way to learn and discover what I may improve upon and or learning what my weaknesses are.

I’m new to the writing community, so I am a little ambivalent about someone critiquing my writing, however I know the vital importance of having fellow writers critique my work. In my former career I received a yearly evaluation my job of the previous year. I wanted my performance, interpreted, critiqued, and evaluated to decide and how effective my performance was the previous year. I prefer complete honesty and my evaluator to speak the truth and not hold back, because in the end it is me who will learn from my mistakes.



6 responses to “Handle with care?”

  1. Then you will learn quickly. I’ve noticed over the past 50 years of being a writer (ouch) that it is always the extreme novices who think their writing is perfect and who can accept no criticism. Of course, they never progress until they are able to. Good insight in your essay. Judy

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  2. Why thank you for the comments Lifelessons.

    I have endure many years of learning to pay attention to detail, and I still make mistakes, which reminds me I’m only human.


  3. Critique is the best tool through which to learn anything. Criticism is not. There’s a big difference. I think I’ll blog about this tomorrow.

    Keep writing and seeking critique and you will improve your writing and learn many new things! And through personal experience (I’ve been blogging for over a decade) you won’t really get a critique of your writing in the comments here, unless you specifically ask for it. People, even means ones, don’t do that. They might comment on something they agree with or disagree with but they won’t tell you where your writing needs to improve or where it is great. If you want that kind of an experience, there are lots of online writing groups that will help you develop and improve your writing.

    Welcome to the blogging world! We all have something to say and we all need someone to listen to it!


    1. Why thank you for the comments Corina, I will have some of my short stories critiqued next month with members of my local writers organization.


  4. In my Word Weavers group we use a method of positive feedback followed by what needs work, followed by positive. I’ve also heard the suggestion about criticism in general to give three positives for every negative. I don’t always need that ratio, but balance and respect make it easier to take. I love the Socrates quote and the fall colors header!

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  5. I’m also new in blogging and I’m the worst critic of my work. I greatly appreciate criticism specially if it was given sincerely and not behind my back. I treasure people who can say both sweet and sour things to me-they’re gems!

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