An old man, a duck & a squirrel.

Narrator: On a beautiful autumnal mid-October morning, the Asher blue sky above is in tune with the cold, crisp air, like a freshly picked Granny Smith apple, while the sun shines brightly through the treetops. Bernard Johnson, a retired postal worker of 47 years, sat on a park bench, feeding Oscar, a beautifully colored Mallard duck, who for the past two years, always waited patiently for Bernard to feed him pieces of white bread.

Narrator: This particular morning’s feeding was a bit unusual, when, Bernard pull from his pocket a bag of bird seed and not the usual white bread. A little surprised at first, Oscar attempted to eat the birdseed but did not like the taste. Oscar stopped eating to gave Bernard a look of shock, and finally, he spoke.

Oscar: Bernard, what the hell is this stuff?

Bernard: Oscar, Its birdseed, and it has protein and fiber. I was told, that I should not feed you bread.

Oscar: And who told you this?

Bernard: A wildlife conservationist who gave a talk at the Petco store about what to feed wildlife and in particular, the ducks.

Oscar: I speak for all the ducks in this park, and we eat bread! Preferably Pepperidge Farms Hearty White bread.

Bernard: Well I don’t have any bread this morning, so I’m sorry.

Narrator: Charlie, an American Tree Squirrel, who had overheard their conversation, scurried down from a tree limb above, sat on his hind legs and greeted both Bernard and Oscar with a happy “good morning.” Bernard and Oscar responded in return for a good morning.

Charlie: Hey, good morning Bernard, I will eat those seeds. I will store some in my mouth and eat as many as I can. Thank you!

Narrator: So immediately Charlie hurriedly moves about eating as much of the birdseed and storing some inside his cheeks, as Bernard and Oscar look on.

Bernard: Go right ahead Charlie and enjoy yourself, but I have squirrel food for you.

Narrator: Charlie stops and stares at Bernard, saying I will eat anything you put on the ground Bernard, thanks.

Bernard: Hey Oscar, and Charlie, how come you two never spoke to me before?

Oscar: We never talk while eating, except for Charlie.

Charlie: Yeah, Bernard, we also did not want to scare off the guy who brings us food every day.

Bernard: How do you two know my name?

Charlie: My cousin Edgar lives near your house, and he has heard your wife Elizabeth, yell to you, to go take a walk in the park.

Bernard: Oh ok.

Oscar: Hey, Bernard, why did you give us names?

Bernard: I named you both after my two son’s, who are grown with their own families, but from time to time, they call to ask’s for money.

Oscar: Do you give it to them?

Bernard: Well of course I do, I’ll do anything to help my two sons.

Oscar: Well tomorrow, bring Charlie and me some Pepperidge Farms Hearty White bread in the morning.

Charlie: Yeah, Bernard, I would prefer the bread, we get the wildlife food in the afternoon from another group of retirees.

Bernard: Ok, I will, sorry you guys.

Charlie: Oh, Bernard does not tell Elizabeth or anyone you spoke to us, because they may not let you come back to the park.

Oscar: Yeah, Bernard, not a word.

Narrator: Now that is what happens after the woman you love sends you out of the house to take a walk in the park.


2 responses to “An old man, a duck & a squirrel.”

  1. A lovely story, well written and very creative.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Why thank you Hugh! I was just doing a little flash fiction.


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