The Spices of Success

(Daily Prompt) If “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” (Truman Capote), how spicy do you like your success stories?


Success stories are a dime a dozen in fiction and in life. The thought of the under-dog battling against all odds is a time-honored belief dating back to David and Goliath. Now in present day, failure is always thought of when anyone person or group attempts to complete a challenge of some type, whether it is a long distance hike, completing a college course, learning a new language, or giving birth. For some, they trivialize these feats with hefty acknowledgments to those involved.

My measure of achievement is living a life-time seeking to achieve something that has never been done

One of the greatest challenges I recall in September of 2013, when Diana Nyad, at the age of 64, on her fifth attempt over several decades finally completed her swim from Cuba to the shores of Key West Florida in the US.

This was a thrilling achievement as she has been a long distance swimmer all of her life, completing several long-distance swims to include swimming around the Island of Manhattan, swimming from North Bimini beach in the Bahamas to Juno Beach in Florida along with her struggles through being molested as a child and a teen.

Everyone cheers for the under-dog but it is those stories of achievement and heroism for which someone or group has persevered over a lifetime striving for a goal. I do not want to take away or slight the achievements of those who successfully conquered great feats of human perseverance, but for me the spicy success stories are for those who have survived a life-time to achieve their goals.

For what it’s worth, heck I would like to see the Chicago Cubs win the world series, but as a life long Cardinal fan, I hope it is after my demise.


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