“To Be Resolved”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Be Resolved.”

How did you do on last year’s New Year’s resolutions? Do you anticipate there would be any leftover items to be carried over to next year?


New Years resolutions are made by many who want to begin the year anew. I have always strived to do my best in all that I do and have never put much faith into doing something in January that I should be doing all year long.

I believe the first month of the year should be reserved for marking the calendar for the up coming year. I believe the first is preparing paperwork for taxes to be completed. Confirming major purchases or repairs to the home or work needed for a car or motorcycle.

The first month of the year is a great time to determine what non-profit organizations to volunteer for or give monies to. This is a excellent opportunity to decide what college courses to take to expand the mind.

The opening month of the year is great for confirming the destination of the family vacation, preparing for the family reunion, or any other activity to be planned and organized involving family.

Hopefully, the daily routine of eating healthy and exercising is incorporated into your everyday schedule of life and not something done during the first thirty days of the year.

I believe it is more important to merge all the above and many more on a routine basis, instead of focusing on one particular element of life to start the year off.

If there is one issue I didn’t mention was slowing down life to de-stress to read a book, write in a journal, and generally enjoying the moments of life.



3 responses to ““To Be Resolved””

  1. If I may supplement – nurturing relationships which bring comfort and joy, getting rid of negative emotions and memories!

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  2. Never have a problem with incomplete resolutions – I never make them.

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  3. I agree with your conclusion. I like idea of the new year begining a fresh start but not a time to start something you should be doing all year.

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