“I Have Skills”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?


It has been some time since posting a blog as I have been reading several really good books along with writing and researching for my own novels. So as I read the above prompt, I immediately recognized the use of slang or the improper use of English to describe mastering a skill.

I have English teachers in my past who would eagerly mark my paper with red ink to correct my mistake of using “I got skills.” as a phrase or in a sentence.

So, in response to the prompt, I want to master the skill of the English language as a writer and public speaker.

Since elementary school where I began my journey to master the English language, I have written thousands of letters, book reports, essays, work reports, memorandums, blog post, short stories, and some poetry.

I have taken many English and creative writing classes, as I continue my journey to master the English language as an aspiring writer.



6 responses to ““I Have Skills””

  1. So interesting, I remember learning English at school, then came to the UK where I was told I spoke like the Queen.

    For a while then, I picked up on every single phrases that one should not write but that one could use as part of a conversation.

    The art of learning a language… 😊


  2. LOL! I think The Daily Post was using that to prove a point. (like an oxymoron). And kudos to you for having the skills to call them out on it!! Hahaha!

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    1. Why thank you, Priceless Joy.

      As soon as I read the prompt, I immediately thought of my english teachers and how horrified their response would be of viewing the prompt.

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  3. Yeah, even i dream of being a good speaker.

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  4. Born and raised in London, England. I used to get a clip around the ear from my dad, when I butchered the language. My dad had what I called his telephone voice. One that when answering the phone was one of almost lah-di-dah. Whereas, I was more of a street kid and worked in a factory. Where most of the language was eff .. this or that. Recently I was visiting my local job centre. Here in Canada. That was their focus, too. “You’ve got skills”. … Duh, I know that! Yet communicating those skills to a prospective employer is a whole different kettle. Kettle of smelly fish.

    Thanks for liking and following. Cheers Jamie.

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  5. I love the language in all its forms!

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