“Enough is Enough”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

When was the last time you were ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Did you end up letting go, or decided to fight on anyway?


I was taught and learned early in life to never give up, and I just have to persevere to discover the solution to succeeding.

I received this wisdom while working alongside an elderly auto mechanic at my father’s business at eleven or twelve years of age in the middle of a cold winter.

The gentleman had no formal training as an auto mechanic, however his wisdom and years of knowledge about automobiles, especially transmissions made him a teacher to a lot of other mechanics.

We were both on our backs, looking up at a transmission, we were replacing. The mechanic was on what we called a “creeper”. It is a four-wheel devices in which you lay on your back when under a car.

I was the young helper full of curiosity and I was on a heavy blanket passing tools and helping as much as a kid my age could.

We were attempting to connect the linkage for the transmission that allows the driver to move the car into gear.

With my zeal and curiosity at its peak. The mechanic told me to start screwing in a bolt to connect the linkage, because my hands were smaller. The elderly mechanic, hands were arthritic and much larger.

For at least five minutes of more, I attempted in vain reaching up above my head attempting to start a bolt to attach a gear linkage. He spoke softly encouraging and coaxing me not give up. Although, at that moment, I so badly wished to be anywhere else than on the concrete floor, underneath a car on a Saturday afternoon.

My hand was icy, my arm was tired, all the metal around my hand was cold, and the interior of the garage was being heated by a small space heater.

In todays social environment many adults would have scolded him and my father for me being there. However, I was there on my own with the wide-eyed curiosity to learn and help.

Finally out of frustration he asked for the bolt and, I could hear the disgust in his voice as he told me that my hands were small enough to get the bolt started and I wasn’t trying hard enough.

Feeling disgusted, I wanted to leave as I felt defeated by being unable to complete the task. However, the mechanic told me not to leave and began explaining how he would get the bolt started even with his large arthritic hands.

As he struggled to get the bolt started, I watched as he became frustrated and he maneuvered into several positions wiggling and straining his hand, and arm into place to start the bolt.

I stayed under the car and after several moments of his grunting maneuvering, and cursing under his breath, he eventually started the bolt connecting the linkage.

I was surprised as I thought we would have to remove the transmission to get the bolt started to attach the linkage.

He asked me to continue tightening the bolt with a wrench, and he began to explain a lesson of how I should never give up when trying to complete anything in life.

He further explained how life if a struggle and no matter how hard something is or seems to be, I should never give up. It applies to my school work, reading a book, and most importantly if I want something badly enough, I would never give up to achieve what I want.

He used the tightening of a bolt in which my hands were small enough to fit, but I lacked the confidence and perseverance to achieve success.

As life has passed along, I have discovered that perseverance, determination and the struggle to make something work is an essential tool to have in the mental tool box of life.

I had the privilege to witness such dogged determination up close and personal many times since that day, when a lot of people would have said enough is enough.

I have learned there is a will power within everyone to achieve anything they wish. The determining factor, is how hard and what tasks are you willing to complete to achieve your goal.



12 responses to ““Enough is Enough””

  1. I hope a lot of folks read this blog – It’s well written and the message is great.

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  2. Yes, tolive is sometimes very hard, you have to face a lot of problems,
    disappointments and you want to throw the towel. I now quite well, vecause of thie my nick.name is Ave Fénix, the bird which sometimes burns itself and reborn from hs ashes. It’ a legend, but gice you strength.

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  3. Oh! sorry… I have written with mistakes! : to live, I know (not now) because,that is my, his ashes, give!!!!!

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    1. Thanks you Rosa for your comments. No problem with the mistakes, I understand the statement, as to what you wanted to say.


  4. These are true words. I keep at what task no matter how hard. There have been times that I say I give up but I always go back and try again.

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    1. Why thank you for the comments Silentlyheardonce


  5. Well written, Marty! I’ve lived by that kind of determination & preserverence code all my life! Lessons learned throughout. Feels good to be where I am today! Retired & writing! Christine

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    1. Thanks you so much for your comments C. E. Robinson, I have truly fell in love with writing, which is the newest chapter in my life.


      1. Yay…Happy Writing and taking photos! Christine


  6. Bless you, for sharing this. Seems I’m reading a lot of encouraging blog posts, and they’re helping me find my courage to achieve the goals that God has called me to.

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  7. Thank you for sharing this lesson Marty. You might have realized that the lessons you learn this way stick with you all through and actually shape your life.Thanks for visiting my site. On my site I have a weekly post titled ‘Quotable quotes by Great Contemporary Writers.’ I curl these meaningful and enduring statements from comments made on my site and blog posts of other bloggers. At times I do a little editing.I have got some of these from your site. Please check every Friday on my site.

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  8. I think sometimes I want to give up everyday, but that would be cheating…me.

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