“Teacher’s Pet”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teacher’s Pet.”


Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

I have known many impacting teachers, professor, and mentors, but currently in my life as I continue my journey and aspirations to become a writer, my middle school librarian had a dramatic effect on my life.

I recall her comments as she said aloud. “I have traveled all around the world, ” as she held up several books. She explained how reading books she visited all the capitals of Europe, every museum, and many other places on the planet.

I was astonished with disbelief, and I just wanted to read all the books she spoke so eloquently about. I fell in love with the Encyclopedia Britannica because of all the facts and information held in these books about the planet I lived on.

I was not the “Teachers Pet” however, the impact my middle school librarian made on me that day has filled my life with visiting far off lands and many hours of reading.



2 responses to ““Teacher’s Pet””

  1. I have to tell that in a way I have to thank all the teachers who were in my studies, more or less. But…. I am very proud…. myself being a teacher, I recall a few students that I were important for them. A girl is a teacher beause of me!!!! she wanted to be like me!!!!!

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    1. The impact and influence of teachers is incredible, because it will last throughout the life of a student and teacher.

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