“Last Words”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Last Words.”

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.


Now, if I knew the date of my last blog post, I will write and schedule fifty-two blogs to be posted after my scheduled last day of posting, since WordPress provides bloggers the opportunity to schedule their blog post far into the future.

So, I hope my words will inspire, and or touch the minds and souls of many well after my demise.



16 responses to ““Last Words””

  1. Why does it have to be your demise? Couldn’t you have won the lottery and bought you own island that doesn’t have wifi??

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    1. Gale, you are right, I should have thought more positively.

      With the lottery winnings, I would make sure there would be Wi-fi, to interact with the blogging community. However, the Island location would remain secretive with the use of software preventing my detection. LOL!!!

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      1. Good then I know where to go on vacation. I could use an island right about now.

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        1. I just viewed the latest weather Radar & if you are not in FL, Spring isn’t too far off, so keep your head up


            1. Well, I sure hope so,

              I can’t get much writing done at the beach with so many snowbirds escaping the winter to visit Southwest Fl.

              I had to leave the beach early because of the crowds. LOL!!


  2. Rosa Ave Fénix Avatar
    Rosa Ave Fénix

    Not too bad the ideas… and here in Spain… the weather is very good!!!!! Do come here!!!!!

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  3. Well, after six more weeks they will all be heading home and I and many of my retiree friends will be back to normal


  4. I am always so happy to see anything you post, friend!

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    1. Well, thanks Beth, I have been away indulging in several books. So, as I tour the Southwest Florida Book Festival toady, I will find a quiet spot to write a blog or two.


      1. Excellent. Make sure they aren’t your last words.

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