“In loving Memory”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

Write your obituary

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This is the fourth or fifth time I have written my obituary, yes I know it is wired however the first time I wrote my obituary was for a class in the 80’s,

I wrote another after the death of a friend and within the last six years I have written my obituary a couple of times just before I completed some hair-raising bucket list items. So if I’m typing this, I’m truly a blessed and fortunate man.

I understand and realize my time on this planet is limited and writing a journal detailing my daily, weekly, monthly yearly and decade after decade activities help focus what I want my obituary to look like.

I would suggest to many families and friends to write their obituary to keep abreast of whether or not their life is moving in the direction they wish, and most importantly it takes the burden away from family and or friends to write your obituary.

Although you may not be around to view or hear what was written, writing your own, gives you a better chance of having what you wrote be available to family and friends.

Updating your obituary is a way to see if your life is following the path you are proud of and would want anyone to know.

As far as my obituary, since I’m planning to live at least another 40 years, I look forward to the day when I look up to view one of my two children changing my Depends to complete the cycle of life.

As far as my Obituary, I made revisions in January 2015, and it will become accessible upon my death.



One response to ““In loving Memory””

  1. Pretty amazing, Marty! Never thought of writing my own obituary. However, I think my kids would expect Mom, the Writer to write something…I’ll start taking notes. Yep, I’m older, so I’ll be around another 20 or a tad more. Christine 🌅

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