“Just a Dream”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.


I have never had dreams that concerned or frightened me, yet when I read the prompt, I immediately thought of the dreams I have had many times after I retired.

I would dream of being dressed in flip-flops, cargo shorts, tank-top, cap and sunglasses on a warm sunny day in Florida, I would be either fishing from a pier, in a kayak paddling through the tranquil mangroves, or bicycling towards a setting sun dotted with Palm trees on both sides of the bike path.

These dreams have taken place numerous times and I have enjoyed them immensely. However, while enjoying the dream, I was always awakened by a former co-worker shaking my shoulder and yelling my name to wake up.

Once I open my eyes, I realized, I was on the beach in Southwest Florida and it was my bladder wanting me to go to the bathroom,

Thank goodness for the vivid dreams!



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