“We Can Be taught”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Can Be Taught!.”

What makes a teacher great?


I have family members and several friends who teach at every level of academia. What I noticed about each is their ability to stimulate the minds of their students with knowledge beyond what the core curriculum provides for them to educate their students.

It is amazing how they influence the minds of their students to learn a new subject or build upon existing knowledge, yet expand their thoughts to seek a broader understanding and meaning of what is offered, beyond the basics.

Any teacher who can encapsulate these abilities and performance as a teacher, is someone who can teach anyone who wants to be taught.


Teachers rule the world!



9 responses to ““We Can Be taught””

  1. Thank you for appreciating teachers. As a kindergarten teacher, I frequently get comments like “it must be fun playing all day”, or”wow, you get so many days off, and don’t have to work nights, weekends, or summers”. What they don’t realize is that I and many other teachers do work all those extra days preparing, reading, and improving our teaching.

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  2. Very nice, Marty. There needs to be more tributes like yours to teachers!!! Christine

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    1. Oh yes, there should be. My daughter is a middle school teacher.

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  3. Great post and so true. I am a formal teacher and tried to inspire all my students. Number one is so important, seeing each child as an individual student capable of learning, not a diagnosis.

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  4. Teachers rule indeed! My father was an elemntary school teacher for 18 years and he was fabulous, and at 82 now, he still occasionally volunteers at a local elementary school. Once a teacher …. ALWAYS a teacher!


    1. Hey Bethie, squeeze you Dad as he is a treasured filled with wisdom.


  5. Rosa Avr Fénix Avatar
    Rosa Avr Fénix

    I am a techer… for children and grown up people as well. I like my work (retired now!), I give part of myself in each class, but sometimes that’s no good as I finish the class worn out…

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    1. Congratulations Rosa, I know that are interesting minds upon the planet who are grateful for you professional duty and service.


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