Photo101: Day one “Vivid Colors of Sunset”

Sunset views from Mallory Square, Key West Florida, during their Sunset Celebration.





Views of the ending of a beautiful day.

Sunset Celebrations Mallory Square Key West Florida

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge


8 responses to “Photo101: Day one “Vivid Colors of Sunset””

  1. Wonderful photos and great colors – you’ve really captured the Key West sunset well. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    1. I have so many more of the flower gardens and sunrise that will be shown in the coming weeks.


  2. Marty, I’m here! Copied three of your beautiful sunsets for the gallery. Thanks for your visit to let me know! Christine

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  3. Stunning captures! God’s artwork for our eyes to capture and share! Thank You for sharing!


  4. Beautiful. I must say the first one if my favourite though :).

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  5. Why thanks Lisa, I will be back in the Keys soon for more photos of sunrise and sets, so stay tune.


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