Day Eleven: A Pop of Color

The colors in our photographs are evocative and rouse emotions within us. Color can elevate a mundane image into something intriguing and meaningful, and can tell a particular story within the frame.

This photo displays the striking contrast of a pool and the surrounding vegetation. The pools cool color provides the refreshing emotion of a swim on a warm summer day. The pool is located on an island in the deeper portions of south Florida and belonged to a world renown writer. Can you name the author.


Photo101 Day Eleven: A Pop of Color


2 responses to “Day Eleven: A Pop of Color”

  1. I know! Was it Hemingway????

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    1. Yes, you are correct! Winner, winner, chicken Dinner. You win one free diner, and a sunset wine & cheese evening and several appetizers at Louie’s all in lovely Key West Florida!


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