“Weekend Two: Play with Light”

It is weekend two of our photography course!

For those who want to practice, revisit these points on the quality of light, and how light varies throughout the day:

Dawn — before sunrise — can cast a cool blue light, with no shadows. Later in the morning, the light tends to be neutral — and to some, ideal. At midday, the sun reaches its highest point, resulting in dark shadows. Later in the day, in the “golden hour” before sunset, daylight grows softer and redder, creating a magical atmosphere. These are just guidelines, of course. Factors can change these conditions, including weather, location, and the time of year.

The first two photos are of the sunrise with morning clouds


The next two photos below are midday photos and just barely in the second photos is a slight rainbow after a recent passing shower.


The last two are photos of an evening sunset as clouds change the color of the light.



3 responses to ““Weekend Two: Play with Light””

  1. Wonderful pictures. My favorite is the day 7 very orange sunset…white sun.

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  2. Very nice. Glad you are enjoying your camera.

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    1. I’m also enjoying the sunsets and sunrises.


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