Photo101 Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up

I love flowers and capturing the colorful beauty of this yellow Hibiscus with surrounding foliage, zooming in close, to view the depth and details of the flowers filament, style and stigma.

DSCN0668 DSCN0669 DSCN0670

Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up


7 responses to “Photo101 Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up”

  1. Stunning photography. I love the colour.

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    1. Hey thanks hugh, photography is becoming a great hobby!

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      1. I only started getting interested in photography when I started blogging, so I have blogging to thank for that. I love taking part in the photography challenges on WordPress.

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        1. I love your photos, keep up the great work.

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  2. Flower make for a fascinating photo subject. And they don’t move around too much, which is a bonus. Beautiful photos. Good choice for the theme.

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