“Practice Makes Perfect?”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Practice Makes Perfect?.”

Tell us about a talent you would love to have… but don’t.


I have pondered a response to this prompt most of the day and it has completely perplexed me.

I’m not being pretentious, but I have mastered many talents and I cannot think of any talent I would love to have that I do not have or know of.

I researched my bucket list of items to gains some insight and the only talent I can think of is sky diving.

Now, skydiving is last on my bucket list, just in case the chute will not open. I have recently viewed winged sky diving and thought of taking a class to learn how to fly with a winged suit.

I plan to take several classes to build upon my talent or the courage to leap into midair from a mountain top. I hope to fall into the arms of gravity wearing a winged suit and a parachute attached to my back. I plan to land soft enough my knees will not buckle.

Now thats’, a talent I would love, if I survive.

WIngsuit Youtube Video

The Daily Post Prompt


2 responses to ““Practice Makes Perfect?””

  1. That’s on my bucket list too 😛

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