“Grand Slam”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grand Slam.”

In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run? (For the baseball-averse, that’s a last-minute, back-against-the-wall play that guarantees a dramatic victory.)


I never dreamed of the “Grand Slam,” but, my dreams were of outdoor activities. Like, motorcycles and hiking the triple crown of long distance hikes in North America. The Appalachian, Continental Divide, and The Pacific Coast Trails.

I have accomplished one “Grand Slam” when I rode my motorcycle from Key West Florida to Fairbanks Alaska. A dreamed I imagined for over twenty years.

But, yet as a father, empty-nester, and retiree with two successful adult children. My most attainable Grand Slam is to visit either of their homes one day to sit at their table, eat their food and only clean the dishes.

The Daily Post Prompt Grand Slam


2 responses to ““Grand Slam””

  1. That looks like a six-cylinder Goldwing. Sweet. I wore out two Gl-1000s. Great job on your Grand-Slam.

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    1. Oh, thank you. I truly enjoyed the trip on the Wing. I will return via a Recreational Vehicle of some type to take more time enjoying the beauty of Alaska.


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