“Game of Groans”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Game of Groans.”

Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like. Now write a post (tongue in cheek or not — your call!) about why it’s the best thing ever.


It is the middle of summer, and two weeks after the Major League Baseball All-star game and yet this past Monday, July 27, the National Football League Training Camps around the US began the “game of groans.”

Football is quite possibly the last form of gladiator sport on the planet, outside of hockey which is played indoors. Football has received a lot of criticism because of the violent acts players have shown off the field.

I believe the sanitary look of football on television and at most stadiums fail to give the viewer a true depiction of how violent the impacts these men endure with the snap of the ball.

When football is viewed in person within one hundred feet of the players moving at ten or fifteen miles an hour. Their impacts and collisions are similar to a Volkswagen Beetle colliding with an immovable object.

The true essence of the groans and moans heard during these impacts are never appreciated when viewed several hundred feet from the football field and especially when viewing on television.

Football is the game of groans and moans, and it is why I am so excited because we are 41 days from the official opening day of the 2015-2016 football season. There was a time I would send kids back to school, during the Month of September.

Now, I am the child waiting with baited breath to view the bone-crushing impacts, jaw-dropping feats of athleticism from the comfort of my chair with my favorite beverage in my hand.

Oh yes, Football is my “Game of Groans and Moans.”


The Daily Post Prompt


8 responses to ““Game of Groans””

  1. MsTranquility Avatar

    Good for you, representing for us Texans, lol 🙂

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    1. Hey thanks Serena! The Cowboys are my team although I have never lived in Texas.

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      1. Don’t tell me the Spurs are your favorite basketball team too, ‘cuz then we would be best friends, lol 🙂

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        1. I love basketball, and before I retired, living in VA south of Washington DC, I would see several Wizard games a season. I love all basketball teams except the SPURS!!!

          Ok, I’m joking. I respect and love the Spurs. Duncan, Ginobili, & Tony Parker of the pillars of the team. But Leonard, Green and Ayres are the future but they are going to be challenged hard, by the Clippers and Warriors.

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          1. *Sigh*….almost gave me a heart attack there, haha! And I love Leonard, probably more than the pillars (except for Duncan, he’s a rock star!). They will be challenged, definitely, but I will always love them – win or lose ❤

            This city went crazy when they won in 2014, and we couldn't even drive in the street. Cars were parked everywhere and people were partying at every corner.

            I was actually raised on football, growing up in California everyone around us were 49er and Raider fans, but I never cared for either one. I was the black sheep always rooting for the east coast teams. Truth be told, I just loved the huge Super Bowl parties we threw with lots of food, lol 😀

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            1. I love my football and just about any sport. The first three years of retirement I was engrossed with the four major sports to include NASCAR.

              However, my love or addiction to reading and writing has overtaken my desires to view sports. I now follow along during the season and depending on the teams and sports I will actually watch the game. Lol!


  2. Can’t wait until the Steelers first game. I’m disappointed that Tom Brady won’t be playing against them.

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    1. We have forty days of color commentators giving hopeful possibilities until the first kickoff and football is played!!!

      It looks like “Tommy Boy” will be sitting out some games. Bu, the Steeler may met the Patriots in the playoffs?”

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