From You to You

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You.”

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.


I could not write a letter to myself telling me what I should prepare for because my past has allowed me to arrive at this time of my life to write this blog. My past life experiences have shaped me in mind,  body, and spirit, and no life is perfect.

Pop culture and the entertainment industries promote and produce fairy tail life experiences for entertainment, without actual bumps in the road. These industries mostly fail to emphasize in detail the principal ethics of daily perseverance to achieve a goal. There is also a failure to suggest or recommend ways to avoid some of life’s, bumps in the road.

I maintain a personal journal, detailing and describing, emotions, personal thoughts and dreams. My future self whether five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years into my future has daily, monthly and yearly written assessments as directions. Some of my journal entries provide recommendations and suggestions to avoid life’s pitfalls.

My written journal documentation of personal experiences has taught me that if not successful the first, second or third time, try again in most cases.

However, experiences of my past do not always assure me of making the correct choices and decisions in the future and it has taken several attempts to get things right.

In the end, it is the dreams imagined, planned for that will bring about the opportunities for success and yet sometimes even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry.

The Daily Post  Prompt


8 responses to “From You to You”

  1. Yes, we all choose our own paths and they are the building blocks we learn from. Some of us need to run the gauntlet of bad choices a few times before we actually learn the lesson…..I for one….I don’t believe I am a slow learner but alas I am too trusting therefore a few blunders under the belt helps me to see more clearly….Life has no promises. I will always make mistakes but I guarantee you that I will always get up…brush myself off and move forward because none of us are perfect…..but I am perfectly “ME”. Hugs loved this blog….I keep thinking I should start a journal……hmmmmmmm 🙂

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    1. A​ Journal provides so many applications for the soul.

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  2. I follow you on that. My life has been a road filled with surprises, some good, some not. But somehow I’ve gotten over them, around them, or chose another path.

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        1. This an ongoing lifetime process. Age only makes it better to understand.

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  3. My 14-year-old self would never listen to an old lady like me.

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    1. I would actually believe one of my friends wrote the letter just to mess with me. Lol!


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