Do you play and instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing. Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.


This prompt strikes a cord of fond memories from my years as a concert and marching band member of my elementary through high school years.

I began my musical instrument career in elementary school with the trumpet, and cornet and yes there is a difference.

When I attended middle school, I played the baritone horn for concert band and the tuba in the marching band.

Throughout high school I continued with the Tuba for marching and concert band, however, during my freshman year, I fell in love with the soft melodic tones of the French Horn.

During a rehearsal of the musical piece from the soundtrack to the motion picture, “The Wind and the Lion” the melodic sounds of the French horn bellowed a loud calling to me, surrounding and enveloping my heart and the love affair began. I desperately wanted to change from playing the Tuba to the French Horn.

When I asked to change instruments, I was denied, and I quickly developed jealous feelings when the concert band practiced the piece.

My years as a band member, are filled with fond memories yet, this WordPress prompt strikes a chord initiating memories of the French horn I loved and never played.

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