Time’s Fool

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lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

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Time’s Fool

I’ve labored now for many years trying to make time stop,
thinking if it just would pause, that I could cross its top
and go into the future or go into the past––
passing back and forwards over timelines that are vast.

For years I used up all my time thinking about this.
I never had a child or even a first kiss.
I thought if I made time my slave, then I’d have time to do
all those wished for “one day” things I’d added to the queque:

dating, travel, games of chance, gardening and cooking––
all the things that others do while I have just been looking
for the perfect formula to take me back in time.
(Or traveling to the future would be equally sublime.)

But, for my whole life, you see,  I’ve been no place but here,
fiddling with gadgets and sitting on my…

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