Everybody want’s to Rule the World….Except for me.

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The madness without the method

So I can change one thing in the universe.  Just one thing?  Is this the part where I wish for more wishes?  Ok perhaps not, but I think with one change I can fix more than you think.

It really is quite simple.  No more fear.  I have completely removed fear from everything and everyone.  Fear is the root of all evil.  Not money, not sex, not food.  Fear.  Fear motivates the worst in people.  Fear of being alone makes us self loathe and make bad relationship choices.  Fear of death makes us cling to life without ever really living.  Far of hunger makes us glutenous. Fear of loss keeps us from seeking what we need or even appreciating what we already have.  Fear of God makes us fear those who don’t fear our God.  Fear of the unknown makes us fear everything we don’t fully understand.  gandhi-fear

With fear…

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