Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you are not, tell us why not.


I’m a fan of the four major American sports, Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

There is only one sport I purchase clothing to represent my love as a fan, and it is my St. Louis Baseball Cardinals. My father initiated me as a baseball Cardinal’s Fan before the age of five when I attended baseball games.

Growing up in St. Louis I attended all of the major sports franchise games and yes, St. Louis once had a basketball team. I played all of these sports on the playgrounds, and in the streets when my parents were not watching.

However, I now follow my Baseball Cardinals year round, and I travel to see their spring training games in Florida and I pay for an online service to see them play every game during the season.

My father’s influences are revealed in my Fandom love for my St. Louis Baseball Cardinals.

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3 responses to ““Fandom””

  1. I like you play on the word “fandom” – kind of like phantom (as an apparition) combined with kingdom (as a group of believers). Well done.

    Watch for my “Resolutions” piece that I will post in a few days. I spent the morning writing it but need to give it a bit of space before I do the edit and rewrite. Not much happening as far as viewers to my blog. How is yours going?

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    1. Hey Marian, thanks for liking my post. As far as getting viewers to read my writing, I found by engaging with comments and posting several times a week keeps people visiting and interested in my writing.

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  2. I’ve got my first novel coming to launch late in January and will start writing my second novel, which is well into the planning stage, during the winter months. It will be very ambitious for me to do enough writing to post several times a week. My blog is primarily a sampling of my writing style. But maybe, I should change that up a bit and post quotes and such. There are lots to be found on Facebook.

    Take care and I’ll visit your blog again – soon.

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