“End of Year 2015”

“Last Day of 2015”


Well, today with only a few hours left in 2015, I look back on the past twelve months of blogging and I can only smile 🙂

I continue my passionate discovery of writing and blogging that has expanded to include photography, poetry and I have stretched my creative imagination with my short stories.

Visits to Ernest Hemingway and Zora Neal Hurston birth places inspired and stirred my emotions. Yet visiting Key west Florida where passions for the creative arts flow continuously day or night further ignited my creative thoughts to consider painting and sketching.
And to quote, Pam Hobbs a well known Kew west Fl  painter. “Your creative thoughts run continuously.”

I look forward to an incredible 2016 with excited thoughts of my passionate creativity revealed in this blog that has morphed from the adjusting retiree lifestyles to discovering the nomadic traveler within.

Although 2016 will be a brand new year, I will remain the same so, all of the followers of this site stay tune as I expand the blog site while enjoying the second chapter of my life which is basically a Childhood Revisited.

WordPress Dialy Post Prompt

WordPress Dialy Post Prompt


2 responses to ““End of Year 2015””

  1. Here’s to a 2016 filled with all types of creativity! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! 🙂

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  2. 366. 2016 is a leap year

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