“Stroke of Midnight”

Where were  you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?


On Dec 31 2015 New Years Eve I was at the beach by 8:00 pm to watch the festivities set to begin at midnight, however the rowdy drunken personalities of many of the people caused me to consider returning home since I was not in the mood for such silliness.

Just before the stroke of midnight, The Dave Mathews Band, song “True Reflections” played softly in the background as I sat on my couch reading Provenance: The Novel.

So, I was exactly where I wanted to be enjoying a calm easy feeling and totally at peace.

Happy New Year to all! 🙂

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10 responses to ““Stroke of Midnight””

    1. As, I look at, it surely was. Sometimes, it is the simpler aspects life that satisfies the soul.


  1. And a happy new year to you! Sounds idyllic. I spent it on my veranda with my dog and a glass of champagne. That too was calm . The night air was cool after a sweltering 41.

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    1. Oh, that’s​ cold. It was a warm humid 71 last night.

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      1. Oopsy, I meant 41C . It was stinking hot !

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  2. That sounds like a perfect way to ring in the New Year Marty. Actually, for most of my life, I rang it in similarly. Always a pleasure. Wishing you a healthy, happy and successful 2016.

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    1. Hey Lisa, thanks, I wish you safe sailing, gentle winds and all of your dreams to come true. 🙂

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  3. Sounds amazing! I was on a cruise so got to be on the ocean which was awesome!!

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  4. […] “A pre-published Indie Author “Stroke of Midnight” […]

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