“Ripped into the Headlines”

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it the top story of your local paper.


Living in Southwest Florida is by choice strictly for the warm weather between October through April. During this time period, it is always possible to enjoy the sounds of the ocean lapping against the sandy beaches after midnight wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.

However, the weekend headlines have grabbed the national spotlight with a Tornado touching down in Cape Coral destroying several homes leaving residents without shelter.

Within twenty-four hours, the warm 70 and 80-degree temperatures dropped into the 40’s overnight chilling the warm Southwest Florida air sending residents searching for winter coats if they have them.

The announcement of the death of Glen Frey one of the founding members of the Rock Band the Eagles has many of snowbird Baby Boomers sorrowfully reminiscing about the 70’s iconic band member and his solo career.

Local beach bars filled to capacity with many singing Karaoke concerts celebrating the life of Glen Frey.

If only the warm weather would return allowing many to enjoy thoughts of years past while sipping a favorite beverage looking into the Gulf Of Mexico.

Glen Frey, RIP
“Peaceful easy feeling.”

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