“Live to Eat”

Some people “Eat to live” while others “Live to eat.” What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?


I have traveled 937 miles, taking about fourteen hours, from my Northern VA home on the East coast to my Midwest home for the tastes of a great meal. I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, along with water and coffee during the trip.

Once within the city and before heading to my home, I would stop to purchase a six pack of White Castles burgers at the drive-thru window, and yell as I leave, “I will return for the other half on the way out of town.”

Upon my arrival and the exchange of kisses and hugs, I began the appetizer portion of my feast beginning with Bar-b-Que pork ribs, and a local sandwich called a “Shrimp St. Paul,” which is an Egg-Foo-Young patty, with lettauce, mayonaise, cheese and two slice’s of bread.

I would pace myself in anticipation for the main course of Fried Chicken, mixed greens, hot buttered mashed potatoes, oyster stuffings, candied yams, homemade dinner rolls and finish the meal with a large slice of German chocolate cake. Right now, my mouth salivates with the thoughts, scents, tastes and flavors of the meal.

However, those days of over-consumption are in my past, never to be visited again.

I’m a pescetarian, I eat when hungry, take smaller portions, and never consume foods to fill my stomach until my belt has to be loosened.

I feel healthier, with my active lifestyle, carrying less weight, allowing for more sustained vigorous outdoor activities and I eat to live to sustaining my strength when hungry. 🙂

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4 responses to ““Live to Eat””

  1. Brilliant post! You had my mouth watering throughout, but gave me food for thought at the end. The best flavours should be savoured in moderation and remembered.

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    1. JS Malpas, I’m learning to slow my pace to enjoy and savor the beauty of food. As my mother would say, “Stop inhaling your food and enjoy it”

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  2. I don’t live to eat, but I do love to do it! 😉

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    1. I have my favorites which are backed Kale Chips sprinkled with some seasoning that I crave. 🙂


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