Powerful words for the retired and those who strive towards the opportunity.

The Happy Traveler

Over the past five years I have adjusted to the reality and beauty of simplicity.  Having retired from a job that I was on call 24/7 and that was at least moderately stressful each day, it has been a process to slow down and smell the roses.

When I was involved with my career I immersed myself in all aspects of it.  From personally visually inspecting the over one hundred academic buildings that I was responsible for to becoming involved with any committees and groups that I believed could aid my department as well as my great love…the University.

More often than not my thoughts were filled with work even when I was away from it.  This can become a compelling and beguiling siren song…and a good excuse to not be involved with the many other facets of life that are so enriching and rewarding.

Since my retirement I have…

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