“Leap Month & Year”

Poets and Writers Prompt.
2016 is a Leap Year, meaning February gets an extra day on Monday, February 29. Push this one step further and invent—instead of an extra day—an extra month. Where would this thirteenth month fall in the calendar? In what season? Would it be named for an event or a person? Write a story that takes place within this month, using the invented details to enhance the story’s plot and tone.


With the end of the 3rd World War, peace talks began after an unknown number of nuclear missiles exploded in Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and every country in Europe. Nuclear winter soon began extending the days into months and years.

After six years of the world reorganizing during the nuclear winter, scientists from around the world gathered in Punta Arenas in Patagonia South America to analyze data collected referencing a change to the current 12-month solar calendar. Their intentions were to extend earth calendar year by one month.

The scientist decision was easy to agree. However, the name of the month and where in the calendar year to place the thirteenth month led to heated debates, lasting for days or at least nights.

It was with a unanimous agreement to establish the thirteenth month of the calendar year between June and July called “Sol” and every month would have 28 days.

So, every month and year are leaps. 🙂


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