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The writing prompt “Legacy” causes me to consider humanities legacy of how writing tools have evolved. The word “legacy” defined, describes a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; or a bequest and anything handed down from the past, from an ancestor or predecessor.

My impressive writing legacy began in a headstart class, with crayons, chalk, and number #2 pencils. By the last semester of high school, I reluctantly took an elective typewriting class my mother made me take. Bless her heart. 🙂

I was under the impression it was a girly class but, my teenage hormones soon realized the benefits of learning how to use a typewriter and several months later when I attended college my typewriter education paid off. Thank you, mom. 🙂

My greatest legacy has taken shaped in my adult children, yet, most recently I began handwriting letters using a pen and quill. Yes, the old fashioned feather pen, dipped into an inkwell. It is time-consuming, but it delights me with a bit of writing nostalgia.

The writing process slows my pace from the speed of typing using the computer. I create a legacy when I seal the letter with my first name initial embossed in red wax on the rear of the envelope is fast becoming a keepsake item within my family.

The letters provide my family with the experience of receiving a form of antique communication and a legacy token.

I usually receive a response via email, telephone, or text. However, the first family member who responds in the form of a letter, will be given a unique gift.

Their response or lack of allows me to determine who receives a card or gift for their birthdays, Christmas, or their successful personal achievements.

A recent Grammarly web blog describes how humanity has traveled from pens to speech and the writing tools used, is a great read, since wisdom is a greater legacy than money or property.

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