In response to the one-word prompt “Screen.”



The power of suggestion is shown in today’s prompt with the silhouette of a head in front of either a television or computer screen we view with our eyes.

For me, this one word prompt brings to mind the various types of screens I view daily. I see the screen I type this response, the television, my iPhone, and iPad. The digital clock, coffee maker, microwave, and stove.

However before these digital screens became a part of my everyday life, many people of my age were accustomed only to the television screen. The only similar screen I viewed as a child was a view master screen my sister and I received for Christmas or the movie screen I viewed on Saturdays. There were also the pull-down screens to view something illuminated by a projector at school.

Current technology uses oversized googles to displaying a virtual reality. I look forward to the day when the implementation of a computer chip implanted into the visual cortex allowing people to view what we see on screens today. Using voice activation it would be possible to summons what we want to see and it appears as a picture within one or both eyes.

I can imagine a future technology with voice activation or thought to send this blog post.

Then the screen prompt will be within our eyes.

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One response to ““Screens””

  1. It seems you have changed your theme… I like it! Some gadgets nowadays have voice activation but I don’t use it.

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