Purging for a New Journey

Viewing a sunrise can reveal how significant purging and decluttering provides the clarity to appreciate the importance of memories.


It has been three weeks since my last blog post during which I began decluttering and purging the past thirty years of personal items. As the process continued many wonderful memories swirled in my mind as each item revealed my wonderfully rewarding life, filled with the excitement of family & friends.

A bittersweet moment took place when I removed items from one vehicle to another, to complete my first motor vehicle purchase in over twenty-plus years. My son suggested I hold a wake in honor of my previous car.

Because most of the items I have not seen, used or thought of for the past year or more, the process became easier as I completed many trips to the local donation centers.

The last, significant item I purged was the motorcycle I purchased some years ago I used to travel to Fairbanks Alaska.

As the end of April draws to a close, I’m looking forward to my next bucket list adventure, beginning May 1st.

So starting next week, I will return to publishing blog posts. I will continue to develop the unpublished independent writer that lurks within me, I will continue to photograph beautiful landscapes and wildlife, but, I may add another moniker, “Adventure seeker.”

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10 responses to “Purging for a New Journey”

  1. Wow wow wow…Gorgeous. Where you been, Nomad????

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    1. I have been packing and donating the last thirty-plus years before hitting the road as a traveler. 🙂


      1. Where are you going? Better check out Mexico. It’s pretty cool, Nomad.

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        1. Midwest to drop off precious memory items with family, then to east coast to prep my RV for travel. Research in Vermont for my novel, then westward to the norhten National Parks and finally south to the southern national parks. So Meixco is possibility. 🙂

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          1. If you make it to Ajijic, look me up. Nice place on the biggest lake in Mexico.

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            1. I just read and listened to the PBS news hour report about the community and my interest has been peaked. 😀

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  2. Congratulation on your purge! Freedom and adventure await

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