The simplicity of life is sought daily by many around the world.

Whether you live in a small village or the big city, we all dream and seek the simplicity of life. However, life is cluttered with many barriers to stifle simplicity.

From the moment you open your eyes by the sound of an alarm or the sound of animals, the day begins wishing for more sleep.

Consider simplicity is the fact you were able to hear the sounds to wake.

When you stand beside your bed, stretching and yawning through the morning stiffness, no matter where you are on this planet standing is simplicity.

Simplicity is a morning shower or cleaning your body and feeding yourself.

Whether you go to work in an office or a field, a job becomes simplicity.

Simplicity’s barriers are usually the weather, a phone, family or friends.

So simplicity is easily attainable without barriers you have no control over.

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