A large part of my life for many years I worked at my father’s business rebuilding car motors and transmissions, yet, it was my first teenager date when I understood my mother’s complaints of having dirty fingernails.

The young lady I took on a date to the movies asked about the dirt under my fingernails. Proud of being a working man, I noticed the look of displeasure on her face was similar to my mothers as I explained how I worked on car motors and transmissions.

I noticed my explanation did not appeal nor impress her, as I thought. However, it gave me a moment of self reflection, and I realized my need to be more presentable as my mother wanted for me.

So, I began rebuilding my image to be more presentable, i.e., “cool.”

I soon established a rebuild of my teenager image to be more presentable in my dress, with pressed pants with a crease, a clean shirt, and using deodorant after a good lengthy shower. However, my most important accessory was a splash of my father’s “Hai Karate ” cologne.

My teenager rebuild has prepared me for the world which I maintain to this day, however, minus the “Hai Karate.”

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4 responses to ““Rebuild””

  1. Many a teenage boy hasn’t made best friends with the shower until girls become a motivation for them. Mothers always welcome the day *smiles*

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    1. Oh yes it’s amazing how the opposite sex can effect the mentality of a young teenage boy.


  2. “Hai Karate” what a lovely memory, and how nice that you took notice and decided to do something about it. Many would not. This prompt is very timely for me. Some changes afoot for me too.

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    1. My mother’s wishes were answered. Lol! What is unique is that Hai Karate is still being produced, now that’s amazing. 🙂


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