A companion can be a human, animal or you, and is essential for some people and an option, for others, yet, many do not consider the need for a companion.

For 18 plus years of my life, I sometimes lovingly enjoyed a constant companion. However, as I approached the months and days before I became an empty-nester, I dreamed of the solitary life, and my adjustment was relatively easy.

Now, I honestly missed having teenage kids around but quickly, and I mean quickly, I overcame that emotional feeling. (Actually, it took 1.2 thousandths of a second.)

For 12, plus years my pet dog, a black Labrador named ‘Kassie” was an incredible companion, and when she transitioned to doggy heaven, I seriously considered a cat as my next pet companion.
But, being an empty nester at the time, the idea of having no pet responsibilities, excited me, but, since the cat doesn’t have opposing thumbs to drive, cook or clean up after itself, the pet cat idea quickly became a memory.

Yeah, yeah, I know, the love of a pet is essential for someone living alone, but I travel way too much, plus I felt I needed a break from caring for a pet or anyone else. Yes, call me selfish but the feeling was and still is exhilarating.

I have writing and creative artist friends, bloggers from around the world and the numerous characters within my novels that serves, as companions.

As I travel around the US, I attend organized writer meetings in areas I visit, and it is always great to speak with fellow writers and book lovers.

So, a constant companion I do not have, but, friends associated with my passionate love of writing and my various outdoor hobbies are incredibly heartwarming and satisfies my human interpersonal contact I enjoy and need for now.

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