Those who have the ability of prophecy have an enormously incredible talent, and for centuries many have claimed this unique ability. Their predictions have included everything from the religious end of days to human encounters with aliens.

I understand why prophets make a prediction. However, many people have predicted the outcome of a sporting event. If a prophet predicted the lottery numbers or the results of a sporting event, they would become instant celebrities changing the lives of so many people with an immediate monetary gain.

However, since there is no registry are regulations of prophets which would hold them accountable for their predictions, I imagine many prophecies into our future.

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3 responses to ““Prophecy””

  1. I’m so glad I found your unique posts!

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    1. Tammi, I so glad you did, I have enjoyed reading your blog posting. They are inspirational, filled with hope, insightful and full of wisdom. 🙂


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