“Pleasurable Reality”



Many pleasures can be seen watching people and pets.

People’s faces reveal their pleasure during conversations producing laughter, smiles, and giggles. People show their pleasure while holding hands, eating their favorite foods, singing their favorite song, or seeing an old friend.

Pets express their pleasures walking on a leash, carried in backpacks, doggy strollers and of course when being petted and rubbed. Their tails are constantly wagging quickly from side to side, in a circle, up and down, while eating their food, lapping water, or seated next to their owner.

Sitting at an outdoor cafe watching people and their pets is my pleasure.

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3 responses to ““Pleasurable Reality””

  1. I recognize all my neighbors by their pets. I know the pet names but no idea of their human counterpart’s names. 🙂

    1. Sounds like a future meet & greet.😀😊

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  2. Yes, we have recently lost our cat and she is a big miss. I enjoyed your observations very much.

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