Because of humans inability to see in the darkness, the human imagination compensates and creates fear and mystery of the unknown of what their eyes cannot see.

Hundreds if not thousands of stories and fairytales have been created recited based on fear of darkness.

Closing your eyes darkness does not initiate fear because opening your eyes silences the fear and darkness.

Darkness, within a locked closet, room, or in the wilderness fear may consume the mind, and no stories or fairytales are needed to initiate fear.

Such fear within the mind can overwhelm and become catatonic to the body while in darkness.

So, open your eyes to view the darkness with your mind recalling the light day because the light within the mind is brighter than the darkness around you and darkness shall pass.

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3 responses to ““Darkness””

  1. Yes darkness exists … but then so does sunlight moonlight starlight or even candlelight …………

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  2. so true, and just what i need to remember today

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