The word “false,” when used in a sentence is usually in the form of a negative connotation.

The thesaurus provides many words and they all describes some of the horrors of our world; untrue, wrong, erroneous, fallacious, flawed, distorted, inaccurate, imprecise, untruth, fictitious, concocted, fabricated, invented, trump up, unfounded, spurious, counterfeit, forged, and fraudulent.

When applied to politicians, every thesaurus word is applicable, how ironic?

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4 responses to ““False””

  1. How true! I especially appreciated the “trumped up” word.


  2. It appears to be a Worldwide trend among politicians.


  3. Politicians aren’t the only ones that commit falsehoods. People lie everyday. Many of them lie when they’d be better off telling the truth.

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    1. That is oh so true. It is amazing the embellishment or as my mother would say a lie, tugs at the ego of so many people on a daily basis. 🙂


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