The word crisis expresses the idea or belief of something urgent, and I feel the word is used for dramatic effect to garner people’s immediate attentions.

I was peddling my bicycle one day when I pass a mother and her two kids on their bikes. The two boys were using training wheels when one of the little boys, yelled, that he was in a crisis.

He went on to say he was in crisis because his helmet was too tight. As I passed, it was evident that his helmet was on backward. I thought to myself he would make a great politician.

Later in the morning, I encountered another crisis at the checkout isle of my local grocery store where two teenage girls ahead of me in line were checking out when one suddenly yelled, Oh my God, this is a crisis, I have the wrong lip gloss. She hurriedly runs for the makeup isle.

The clerk looks at me, and I acknowledged it was ok as I waited until she returned.

But the actual crisis occurred when she returned, and the two teens could not pay the total amount being short $3.38. So, I watched as they began searching their pants pockets, purses, coin purses, and shoes.

I turned to look at the four people behind me and saw the look of a crisis on their faces, so I reached into my pants pocket, pulling out a five dollar bill, placing it on the counter and yelled, crisis averted.

The word crisis is defined as any event that is, or is expected to lead to, an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, or whole society.

I averted a crisis by paying the difference because the customers behind me would have caused catastrophic danger to the young teenagers who were dealing with a crisis.

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5 responses to ““Crisis””

  1. what an excellent proverb

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  2. Geoff with a G Avatar
    Geoff with a G

    You made my day

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    1. It is always great to inspire and bring sunshine to someone’s day.😀

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  3. Good deed. Hopefully they will pass it on, in the far future.

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