My Journey Begins


For the past three months, I have been adjusting to life as a full-time RV’er with stops in St. Louis Mo, Tavares Fl, Spotsylvania VA, Corning NY, with a return to St. Louis for a family reunion.

My first adjustment was the weather and the forty degree nights in Northern VA where my little RV was stored. Because of the cold weather, I returned to Florida to stay in Tavares FL for the entire month of May. My time in Tavares FL, include some writing, kayaking, and photography, of Tavares Lake Front Sea Plane area. The squirrel assumes I had food when he stood still for this photo.

Yes, you can call me a wimp, as my sister did when I left St. Louis the day after Mothers Day, but, my choice was a splendid idea because my campground in Spotsylvania VA enjoyed 21 days of rain along with nightly temperatures in the forties. Thank’s Weather Channel.

The month of June was spent adjusting to living full time in a small RV before starting my travels to my first destination Corning NY. I cleaned up the old Coleman Pop-up camper my now adult children, and I traveled in for many years to included a visit to Mt. Rushmore. Writing inside the screened patio and photographing the local wildlife on the lake was an easy adjustment.

I had an invite to visit Corning NY on my way to Burlington VT where I was to complete research for a novel I’m developing. However, I was side tracked with the beauty of the Finger Lakes Region. I understand why many of my Southwest Florida snowbird friends retreat to the New England during the summer to enjoy incredible summer evenings and beautiful sunsets. The below sunset photo was taken from the Pine St. walking bridge in Corning NY, among hundreds of Pokey-Mon players.


I’m writing this post in North Platt Nebraska on my way to Montana after attending a family reunion. So, stay tuned for further nomadic travel reports. 🙂



13 responses to “My Journey Begins”

  1. Lewis and Clark would be envious of your luxurious encampment. Watch out for grizzly bears and Blackfoot raiding parties.

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    1. I have a couple of hikes planned with a group of people to allow the grizzly appetizing choices and hopefully I can out run the slowest in the group. 🙂

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      1. The Wyoming and Montana Grizzlies love that pepper spray. Just gets their appetites stimulated. Don’t spray the bear, spray the last guy in line.

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        1. Lol!!! 🙂 Now, that is funny, yet, it is a great idea. 🙂

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  2. I would love to travel this way! I’m so Jealous.

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    1. It’s been fun, but I have slowed down.


  3. Welcome to the world of FTing Marty! Slow down. You don’t have to get to every place in the first year. If we can be of any assistance, please take a look at our blog. Send us an email if you have any specific questions. Love to cross paths someday with you.

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    1. Hey, Steve, I have actually slowed way down. I stopped in Kearney and parked in North Platte NE writing and preparing for photos in Scottsbluff NE. I’m wintering in AZ. Hope to see you soon. You two stay safe. 🙂


  4. Never made Finger Lakes.

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    1. It is worth a stop during for the summer months. Excellent nights. 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, I have. I’m been busy and I have fallen into a great writing, blogging, photography schedule. Now, if I can only fit some reading and sketching into my schedule. 🙂


  5. Great photos and post. Really loved that last pic!

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