This time last year I was in Key West Fl where I was exposed to the wonderful world of creative artists. I call it my creative summer of exploring the incredible talents of artist across all fields of creativity including writers, photographers, painters, poets and a large floor foot peddle loom weaver. These amazing artists expanded my perceptions of the arts so much I completed my first ever painting.

All of this was possible with the mentorship of Key West renown painter Pam Hobbs and the Studios of Key West.

My daily exposure helped me develop my creative ideas and thoughts, building my confidence as a blogger, writer, photographer and an aspiring painter, and sketch artist. All of the photos below were taken during an open house at the Studios of Key West during an open house.


Pam Hobbs is my Muse along with the incredible artists in resident at the Studios of Key West. Someday, I plan to return to the Studios as a featured artist in residency.

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