Jokes are used to makes the world seem a little less horrible at the times.

When humans witness horrific sights, serious thoughts prevail. However, some people use jokes to break the levity of the circumstances to ease their stress during the moment.

Some may not like the statements of the joke, but it is their coping mechanism used to relieve their pain.

I have used this coping mechanism much of my life, and I learned this personality trait from my mother. After several years of witnessing my brother, and I survive severe cuts scrapes and bruises.
But, no broken bones, even after my hand somehow was unable to release itself from an old fashion electrical wringer washing machine. That’s another story. 🙂

When one of us began to yell out in pain, after some dastardly deed that went awry.
Like jumping from the top railing of the porch with a sheet tied around our necks pretending to fly, or parachute, I can’t remember, or pushing a four wheel red wagon at top speed to see if it would jump a ramp we built. Then there was my great attempt to ride a tricycle down eleven steps into the basement. I made all ten except the eleventh step.

My brother distracted me.

Each of these dares devil feats led to someone yelling at the top of their lungs in pain. My mother would hear the screams and yell out to my brother and me asking the following questions.

Are you bleeding?

Response, No

Can you see a bone?

Response, No

Then go back to playing.

Her last statement always elicited a smile and sometimes laughter from my brother, or I.

Many years later when my first born, a son who played just as hard when he was outside, and I would hear him scream. Instinctively, I would yell at him.

Are you bleeding:

Response, No

Can you see a bone:

Response, No

Then go back to playing. 🙂

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5 responses to ““Joke””

  1. As the mother of three grown sons I can totally relate! Those were also the first two questions I ever asked, and with plenty of broken bones and stitches throughout the years, I got really good at triage and knowing when an ER visit was needed! Thanks for the smile this morning.

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    1. Thanks Pauses& Clicks, Parenting teaches how to remain calm under pressure.


  2. Kids today are coddled.

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    1. So, much they need therapy after losing a little league baseball game. Unbeknown that life has many ups and downs and it continues. 🙂

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      1. Like my sister says, “Life sucks. If your lucky, it sucks for a really long time.”


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