Husband: Speaking to himself.

I should have read the instructions before beginning and not been overwhelmed with the excitement to see a finished product.

Now, I stand, staring at a lopsided design with three extra bolts, two nuts, and one locking washer.

The instructions, provided are written in five different languages all of which I can read. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in teaching and a master’s in education.

I’m so confused.

Husband: Yelling aloud to his wife.
Honey, Where are the instructions?

Wife: Yelling from another bedroom.
On the top of the changing table, I built yesterday, next to the baby swing you are building today.

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2 responses to “Confused”

  1. Very amusing and unfortunately so true!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, sometimes, we men need to slow down and read. Lol! 🙂


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