Ghost away


Ok, if you are a follower of this site, you know that I have begun traveling and reporting on my locations with photos. So, this is a very personal blog posting revealing a deep fear I have kept secret from you all.

My fear of traveling this summer is the cold weather. Yes, the COLD! Any temperature below 55-degrees, I am afraid to experience. Because of my beloved Southwest Florida where temperatures in the summer average 70-degrees at 2:00 am, my blood has thinned.

On, August 19, 2016, at 1;00 pm, the temperature was 57-degrees with moderate rain falling. I wore a pair of jean pants, a long sleeve cotton shirt, socks, tennis shoes, 3/4-lenght jacket, and cap.
Because of my clothing attire during the summer, my Florida beach bum certifications and status, were revoked.

I was a little depressed but warm as I drove away from the campground en route to lunch. I would have taken a selfie, but I was too embarrassed, cold, and it was raining.

Sadly, as I entered the restaurant, I wanted to ghost away.

During the night the temperature dipped below 45-degrees. At 3:35 am, I awoke to discover, I could not feel my face. I thought I was a ghost.

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4 responses to “Ghost away”

  1. I knew it would be cold out west especially at night. You can always come back to SW Florida to warm up! Stay warm and dry, Di

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  2. No gHosting! We like you on this plain.

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  3. Where were you when you posted this? It will take you awhile to adapt to the cold, but it will happen. I’m the opposite of you, I hate the hot, humid weather.

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    1. It has been a unique journey to learn to appreciate the cold again. Next month, I’m going to push the envelope of cold with hikes into the CO, ID, UT, WY and Montana mountains for early fall photos.


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